The Artistic Approach

At Reclaim to Frame we were artists before taking up wood crafting and so matching the correct frame to a picture is something we do very well. Choosing the correct Picture Frame Stain is critical and we can help.

Stain Attributes

Stain colour is affected by the wood it is applied to.

Stain will look different on light wood from how it looks on a dark wood like Walnut.

Another thing that affects how dark the stain looks is how porous the wood is. Stain will absorb more into rough wood than it will on a planed surface. The result is a much darker colour.

The result of these variations is that it is much harder to match or re-create a specific colour with stain. However because stains are typically trying to create a “natural” wood look it does not have to be exactly the same colour.



Chalk paint is another medium that works very well on wooden frames. When combined with the right wax it produces a very rich texture and is a nice alternative to stain.

Chalk paint works very well to produce a weathered or rustic appearance

 This is pallet wood covered with chalk paint



A.J. Jackson (group of seven) print Custom Framed with Jotoba hardwood and finished with linseed oil



-Creating a frame that brings out the best in your pictures is an art more than a science

-The wrong colour of frame will ruin a good picture

-The perfect frame will turn an average photo into a great piece of art